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Here is an example of our job !!

Counter Display
Counter Display is the most common items that we make.
Its size are to be designed to fit on table or counter as it said.

Folding Display
We have come up to the concept to minimize the product volume during transportation & inventory keeping. As the picture shown, these display can be folded so it can save its original space up to 90%.
It helps our customers cost savings on transportation and inventory.

Floor Display
This is the most common design for floor display.
It is very economical for its space and the number of the item that you can display.

Hanging Display
This display is designed to be hanged on the wall wherever there is no table or counter available.

Laser Cut Product
We also have facility to produce laser cut items.
Our laser cut machine can cut material up to 15MM ( ACRYLIC thickness)
It can be used to cut LETTERS , NUMBERS , complicated LOGOS and complicated SHAPE etc.

POP (Point of Purchase)
From its unique shape and design, it will surely attract peoples attention.
What is it?
What are they selling?

Table Stand
Very simple item that you can see it everywhere.
Such as restaurant, bank, hotel, retail shop......etc.
Key point of this item is printed with sharp and colorful silk screen printing.

Metal Products
We also have facility to make any kinds of OEM/ODM metal products, such as BOOK STAND, BIN, CAN(printed),CASH BOX ,WAREHOUSE RACK,

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